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Easy integration

Your tax accountant uploads the newest company-results as soon as they are available in the financial systems. Immediately after that WebBSC gives you access to up to date reports and comparisons from PC, tablet and smartphone.

Suitable for SMEs in all industries

Our customers include companies from the following industries

Electrician trade

Hospitality industry
Construction industry

Research and development

HVAC Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning-Sanitary Services

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Transparency with Balanced Scorecards

The well known management concept Balanced Scorecard (BSC) supports strategy development based on the strenghs of the company. It allows targeted management controlling and planning based on selected key performance indicators while keeping company targets clearly in view. Many management information systems for big companies are based on the Balanced Scorecard method. WebBSC is built on this well established concept, too.

Overview through key figures

The Cockpit of WebBSC provides a company-specific overview of the latest development of the most important key figures in a meaningful traffic light display. Clearly arranged options allow a detailed insight into different aspects of your company.

Interactive diagrams

The Report Module of the WebBSC shows exactly these diagrams you need for your business decisions. In the Report Module you can:

  • Define your own reports and associated diagrams
  • Zooming into the diagrams
  • Selecting and deselecting characteristic curves

On all end devices

The WebBSC enables rapid access to the latest development of the company's key figures from a PC in the office and on the road from a tablet or smartphone.

Tailored to your company

Based on your requirements, we make specific adjustments to the cockpit and report module for your company during the installation of the system.

With the preconfigured data upload function you can regularly and easily perform data updates. Immediately after the data upload, the latest development of the key figures is available for you in the cockpit and in the reports of the WebBSC.

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